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The One Accessory You Need Before 2017 Is Over

Accessories can truly make or break an outfit. Whether it’s statement jewelry, an intricate handbag or leather belt. The great thing about style is that you can create your own. With fashion being a never-ending cycle from century to century and back again, there are items in your closet right now that are relevant and ready to turn your outfit into a sleek stylish piece.

So what is the hot accessory I titled this post after? Well it actually a belt. You may be thinking of all the reasons why I would bring up a belt. In case you haven’t read the latest fashion spread, or seen stunner belts from seasoned designer houses like Gucci, then I’m here to tell you that belt that has been sitting in your closet, can be the one thing that turns your next outfit into something brand new this Fall.

Belt are now more than just “something to hold your pants up.”

Yes, they have been around forever, but to repurpose them with refined pieces and take them outside of those loops in your jeans opens so many opportunities.

In my opinion belts are here to do 3 things for your style:

  1. Belts help to define your waist
  2. They offer versatility for your look, whether you want to look relaxed or refined
  3. Belts are timeless and investing in a quality belt means it won’t go to waste and will always have purpose.

Styling For Fall

I felt so confident wearing my belt from Torrid, over this colorful, casual striped Ava and Viv Target dress. To transition into Fall, I chose chocolate brown as my dark color to coordinate with my pop of color. I love wearing dark and light colors when transitioning into Fall because living in Florida, you never know what the weather is going to be like. The contrast of dark to light is aesthetically pleasing especially if you love color.

Choosing The Best Belt For You

I chose a belt that was not too thin, or thick, and wore it slightly above my belly button to accentuate my pear shaped body type.

Style Tip: If you are more apple shaped or have a bigger mid-section, wear a thicker belt to give your body some curves and try placing it a bit higher on your waist, closer to your bustline. No matter your body type, thicker belts gives more definition and curves, while thinner belts creates a more natural waist.


So, check your closet and pull out a belt you haven’t worn in forever and re-purpose it in a fun way!


Ava and Viv Stripe Dress | Target, Other Option 1 & Option 2

Belts | Torrid

Calvin Klein Erice Large Signature Hobo Bag | Macy’s

Thanks for reading!

Photography by Adrienne Anderson Photography    

Bag Images by blog author

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  • Melissa

    October 24, 2017at4:08 PM Reply

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve been in search of the perfect belt to add to my outfits this season. I loved how it added an interesting element to your outfit. #BLMGirl

    • TheseCurvesAreMine

      October 24, 2017at4:11 PM Reply

      Thanks Melissa! Belts are great and even if you don’t want to spend coins for the infamous Gucci belt, finding one that works for you is a plus! Thanks for reading

  • Jami Jaye

    October 25, 2017at8:02 AM Reply

    Belts- the one thing that I hardly buy, but that has definitely changed! It is a simple accessory that can change the whole look of an outfit. #BLMGirl

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