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How To Wear Your Pleated Skirt Perfectly

Would you wear a pleated skirt in 2015? I used to feel a bit intimidated until I got some style motivation and found ways to style them for the bottom heavy girl like myself. Growing up as a school girl in the Caribbean it was ordinary to wear a pleated skirt for your school uniform. I remember my days in high school when I would detest them because they always had to be below my knees (parent’s orders). I would skip wearing them and buy pants instead because I felt so frumpy in them being so long. But in 2015, I’ve turned over a new leaf. 🙂 Thanks to the cycling trends of fashion, pleated skirts are back and have won my heart over.

Now you may have heard some criticism that pleated skirts will “make you look wider.” Well I’m here to show you how I IGNORE that advice and rock them anyway. I think these tips are simple and can work for anyone who dares to try a pleated skirt. You really can’t get caught up in the  “don’ts” of fashion & style, but find ways to make things possible and suitable for your comfort level (Read more about how comfort is the biggest criteria for my outfit choices HERE).

Instead of imagining that frumpy pleated plaid skirt from my school days, I used the beautiful Marilyn Monroe in that photo with the vent blowing up her white halter pleated dress. She was my motivation to envision the star quality of a pleated skirt on an plus sized girl like me.


So about those tips for perfect the pleated skirt–

E.levate. Heels have a way of making you stand tall, improve your posture and help slim your silhouette.

A.ccentuate your upper body. It makes sense to show off your waist and provide more dimension to your shape if you will be wearing a fuller skirt with flare. Try a crop top or fitted tank or tee.

S.implify color choices. Choose colors that work for you and make you feel good. Colors evoke feelings so wear ones that reflect positive feelings about yourself. You will love the extra boost to your self confidence.

Y.ell “Flawless!”in the mirror. The biggest tip of them all. Give yourself the credit you deserve. Instead of hoping to look like that model in the magazine, see yourself as the only top model on the runway.

So ladies, it’s EASY to rock that pleated skirt and look gorgeous. Trust and believe in what you can do.

IMG_0119-e IMG_0121-e IMG_0042-e IMG_0099-e IMG_0122-e

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Comment below and tell me what you think about pleated skirts? Would you try one?


Photo credit: Priscilla Dickson – D Media District 

  • Tash

    October 5, 2015at1:35 PM Reply

    Love the outfit and the skirt’s style and colour are pretty ! My fav. pic is the Marilyn Monroe pose . Big ups to the photographer !

    • curvismblog

      October 5, 2015at4:17 PM Reply

      Thank you so much! That’s my favorite pic too! 🙂

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