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How To Look Irresistible For Your Next Date Night

Dating can be a nerve wrecking experience for women when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit. Sometimes it can be a challenge to choose an affordable outfit that fits and makes you feel the most attractive. If date night is a regular thing, having a variety of looks that compliment your body and most of all your style can be a task. I think the best thing is to always make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing. It is also important to strike a balance between looking sexy and not overdoing it. You can do all that and more if you stay true to yourself. I’ve got a few tips to compliment your style that I think will help you look like the most beautiful girl in the world (Prince already said you were 😉 )

Choose colors that go with the occasion and vibe.

Colors you choose to wear should be ones you feel great in. Going out for dinner at a restaurant with a romantic ambience may be a great opportunity to choose a dark rich color to exude warmth and a touch of passion. I’m a firm believer in color theory and the impact color can have on your mood and the vibe, so use your best judgement. I chose this beautiful wine color as it complimented my skin tone and made me feel so amazing and alluring. I felt that I stood out, but not in a distracting way. Wearing a color you love and that fits the moment will help keep your date’s attention on you. 😉

Get the right balance with accessories.

Accessories are all in your taste but balance is key. If your earrings are large, go for a small necklace or none at all. Statement jewelry can be a nice, stylish compliment to any simple look but within reason. Express your individuality in the style of jewelry you choose. If you love to choose trendy pieces, be wise about your coins and invest in nice pieces that won’t break the bank but still look amazing. This gorgeous gold link necklace and earring set only cost me $5! (Find jewelry sets just like this one at my accessories store!)

Show off one part of your body you feel confident about.

I think all women have that part of their body they feel insecure about. When you are on a date, you want to look and feel confident. The best way to do this is to first give yourself a pep talk in the mirror about how amazing you are. Secondly, choose outfits that show off at least one part of your body you love. I particularly love anything off the shoulder. Showing off my shoulders makes me feel flirty and free without baring it all. Notice, I’m not showing thighs, cleavage, arms all at once. Choose 1-2 areas to focus on and you’ll feel great! This gives you the opportunity to be focused on the good conversation instead of whether your outfit makes you look your best. If you dress for your body type, you can’t go wrong! (Need personal styling help? Contact me at thesecurvesaremine@gmail.com)


I hope this look gave you inspiration for your next date night with that special someone. Remember you are already beautiful, just remember to let the beautiful person inside be reflected in your style. I’m sure your date will notice 😉 Stay tuned for next week’s tips on styling a great outfit for a lunch date.

Outfit Details

Body Suit | Fashion Nova

Midi Skirt | Forever 21 +

Gold Ankled Heels | Charlotte Russe

Gold Jewelry Set | Paparazzi Accessories – I’m a consultant now! You can shop my store HERE 


Photography by Priscilla Dickson of D Media District Inc.





  • Anquanette

    March 13, 2018at9:09 AM Reply

    Love the tips! Certainly agree that it’s important to strike a balance with accessories. I’m always wearing big earrings so I rarely get to wear my necklaces lol I need to find some small earrings that will allow me to wear them more often.

    • TheseCurvesAreMine

      March 13, 2018at9:31 AM Reply

      Thanks! Yes, going for a variety in earring sizes can allow you to make use of your great necklaces! All in all, do what feels right to you

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