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An Easy Style Solution
For Your Next Lunch Date

Any lunch date or date during the daytime outdoors deserves the same amount of effort as any date night look. There are 3 items that you can absolutely use to show off your fun and flirty side while still looking fashionable. Here are the 3 wardrobe pieces to help you build the perfect lunch date outfit to complement the beautiful weather outside.

Item #1: A flowy floral top

Item #2: A fitted denim bottom (fitted jeans particularly around your hips or a denim skirt)

Item #3: A bright colored heel


These 3 items you can find anywhere and no matter if you want to pull this off tomorrow or in a few months, you can still be stylish and looking amazing no matter what trend is taking over. You can stay flirty with your floral top, confident in your fitted jeans and comfortable in your low heels, which are all the things you want to feel on a date right ? Your clothing and style can help you get there!

If you need assistance styling an outfit for your next date or event, I’d love to help!

Email me at thesecurvesaremine@gmail.com


Thanks for reading!


Floral Wrap Top |  Shein (plus)

Denim Skirt | Cato

Red Ankled Heels | Amazon 


Photography by Priscilla Dickson of D Media District

Special Thanks to Colleen Auguste of Cross The T’s Event Company



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