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3 Ways to Work Your Black Blazer

A black blazer should be a staple in every woman’s closet. Blazers have the power to turn basic into classic and casual into sophisticated. A black blazer offers the perfect canvas to build an outfit because black goes with everything and looks good on everyone. Taken from the classic suit, a blazer in black becomes a foundation for color, form and style in the simplest yet amazing way.

Style 1: Pair your black blazer with a dress.


Whether it is a midi dress, bodycon or a-line dress, a blazer offers the perfect complement. Immediately, you go from flirty to fashionista! Add bangles and a great necklace to play up the style and your personal charm. The best part is that even if you are wearing a blazer because of your environment, you won’t compromise your style.

Black Blazer | JCPenny – Boutique +
Jojo Dress |Fashion Nova
Jewelry | Paparazzi Accessories
Chained Bag | Rampage

Style 2: Wear all black for a monochromatic look.

A monochromatic style gives you a clean, sophisticated and polished look while balancing your figure. A black blazer adds dimension and creates some mystery. People will want to know how you manage to have impeccable style. Brighten up your look with colorful earrings jewelry, a bright colored pump or printed sandals for a boss lady look.

Black Blazer | JCPenny – Boutique +
Button Down Shirt / Black Skinny Pant | Torrid
Leopard Block Sandals | Amazon
Chain Belt | Charlotte Russe
Tassel Earrings | Aldo

Style 3: Add a black blazer to your favorite t-shirt and jeans

Blazers come in handy for those days when you want to be comfortable but not in the mood to add more effort than needed. Adding a black blazer to some denim and your favorite t-shirt still screams style and fashion. This is the best look to casually add your personality. Add your favorite earrings and bracelets, throw on your belt, scarf or even rock that bright colored handbag. You will be dressed to the nine-s with minimal effort in this cool “work smart not hard” attitude towards this look.

Black Blazer | JCPenny – Boutique +
Jeans | Torrid
Poetic Justice Tee | Fashion Nova
Resin Earrings | Forever 21
Fanny Pack | Charlotte Russe
Red Sneakers | Old

Don’t reserve your black blazers for only interviews and business meetings but rock it everywhere you go and want to make a statement! A blazer’s migration from the suit into your casual wardrobe means you have to use it for its power. A black blazer will be with you for years, so why not use it and style it in every way possible. Versatility is truly the secret to great style!

What are your favorite ways to style a black blazer?

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Photography by D Media District

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