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How To Look Irresistible For Your Next Date Night

Dating can be a nerve wrecking experience for women when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit. Sometimes it can be a challenge to choose an affordable outfit that fits and makes you feel the most attractive. If date night is a regular thing, having a variety of looks that compliment your body and most of all your style can be a task. I think the best thing is to always make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing. It is also important to strike a balance between......

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3 Tips For Creating A Fashionable Sweatshirt Look

Sweatshirts have come a long way. Their common use for the gym and typical college style has evolved so much. With the emergence of the “sport luxe” also known as the “athleisure” trend, many common workout clothes are now trendy and worn in so many casual settings. The sweatshirt has been redesigned! They are now adorned and stylistically cut into new patterns, shapes and styles for everyone. For one thing, now your favorite sweatshirt, can be your new look for a lunch date or night out. Here are some......

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Fall Look: Suede and Ivory Featuring Fashion Nova Curve

Every woman wants to look desirable in an effortless way. Even if it’s cold outside, layering with the right pieces to complement your tone and shape is so key! The shades and hues of nude from dark to light are always great for a classic look. A suede fabric offers the perfect comfort without being too bulky and heavy for us in “not so cold” temps.  No matter Fall, Spring or Summer these colors and fabrics provide the perfect palette to transform your wardrobe into prime versatility and comfort.......

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The One Accessory You Need Before 2017 Is Over

Accessories can truly make or break an outfit. Whether it’s statement jewelry, an intricate handbag or leather belt. The great thing about style is that you can create your own. With fashion being a never-ending cycle from century to century and back again, there are items in your closet right now that are relevant and ready to turn your outfit into a sleek stylish piece. So what is the hot accessory I titled this post after? Well it actually a belt. You may be thinking of all the reasons......

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