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How To Look Irresistible For Your Next Date Night

Dating can be a nerve wrecking experience for women when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit. Sometimes it can be a challenge to choose an affordable outfit that fits and makes you feel the most attractive. If date night is a regular thing, having a variety of looks that compliment your body and most of all your style can be a task. I think the best thing is to always make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing. It is also important to strike a balance between......

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3 Lessons Adele's 25 Album Taught Me

Adele dropped her album a few weeks ago and I felt like the world stopped. Naturally, I was blown away by her amazing voice and heartfelt ballads, but after I shed a few tears, I took some time to truly think about what this album meant to me, and how it reflected on the many phases of life and love. These are the 3 life lessons, Adele’s 25 album taught the 30 year old me. 1. Reminiscing is a subtle reminder to appreciate life now. I felt like a huge theme of......

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What Have You Done For YOU Lately?

I can’t say how stressful this past week has been. I gave so much of my time and energy for others that I have totally neglected myself. This week I barely ate on time, kept my hair in order and putting absolutely put zero effort into my appearance lol. Stress has a way of taking over everything in your life. It upsets your balance, your stability and sets on you a dangerous path to exhaustion. Thank God for self awareness because when the end of the week came, I threw my......

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This Scared Me When I Looked In The Mirror

Have you ever tried to scare yourself? I’m not talking about watching that horror movie you’ve been dreading. It’s about taking risks and stepping outside the box created by you and even society. I remember not having the grandest closet every little girl had when I was growing up. Clothes was always an issue because of my weight. I had always dreamed of being fashion forward and I did as I got older within my means. However, one of the biggest things that kept me back was myself. Because......

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