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Timeless Vintage Style featuring JORD Watches

Fall is almost here and with the change of season comes a chance to add new items to add variety into your wardrobe. I love being able to make simple changes that have a big impact on my style. Switching from tank tops to sweaters is standard but have you considered trying a new accessory piece instead?  I love accessories and they are sometimes the favorite parts of my outfit. Accessories provide the finishing touch to my style. There is nothing like having a unique piece that no one......

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Budget Friendly Gold & Yellow Accents

Gold and yellow accents are bringing the glow! However, no one wants to break bank looking fabulous all the time.  Accessories in gold and yellow shades are a great way to bring out a darker wardrobe, especially as we are transitioning into the Fall season. Not everyone is ready to give up the bright and boldness of Spring and Summer colors, so this is a great alternative to embrace the transition. However, there is no need to spend excessive cash. You can still find ways to add to your......

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