3 Lessons Adele's 25 Album Taught Me

Adele dropped her album a few weeks ago and I felt like the world stopped. Naturally, I was blown away by her amazing voice and heartfelt ballads, but after I shed a few tears, I took some time to truly think about what this album meant to me, and how it reflected on the many phases of life and love. These are the 3 life lessons, Adele’s 25 album taught the 30 year old me. 1. Reminiscing is a subtle reminder to appreciate life now. I felt like a huge theme of......

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3 Easy Style Steps For Your Next Color Themed Event!

Everyone has gone to an event where it is requested that you show up in a desired color. Remember those “all white” parties or wearing your school colors at a pep rally. Color themes can either work or fail, especially if it’s a color I’m don’t care too much for. Recently, I attended a event with a purple theme. Purple is one of those colors that I barely wear and not really drawn to often. Naturally, I had absolutely nothing purple in my closet! Instead of panicking I turned on......

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