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Flaunt Your Favorites!
September 14, 2015

Flaunt Your Favorites!

Being a woman living in a world where we are judged by our appearances creates a breathing room for personal slaughter. We analyze all the things we hate about our bodies and can be harsher critics that those around us. As a plus sized woman, I have tailored my clothing and style around covering my insecurities about my body. I spent much of my life wearing over-sized items to hide my love handles and bulges. While a great fit is always crucial for looking put together, I found that......

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Don't Run From Regular Sizes!
September 07, 2015

Don’t Run From Regular Sizes!

Plus sized women have been fortunate recently to be blessed with a variety of clothing store options unlike years passed. Now we have our designated sections in popular stores like Forever 21 and H&M. Gone are the days when the JcPenny women sections with those dreadful flowered prints and mom jeans were all we had. Do you remember Lane Bryant’s less trendy days before they revamped their style offerings?! I shopped there but always felt a young trendy flare was missing until now.  Well despite the new rise of......

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You Don't Need Stillettos
August 24, 2015

You Don’t Need Stillettos

I hate it when my feet hurt. It’s that type of pain and agony that I just can’t bear at all! I have an ambivalent relationship with shoes in general, but high heels aggravate me so much. They always look and feel so much better when I’m not standing up in them…haha. I feel there is this notion that a woman needs high heels to define an outfit with fashion and feminine touches. Personally, I don’t believe they must always be your go-to option, they certainly are not mine. I......

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