My Self Love Lessons

What's Wrong with Being Confident?

Do you walk into the room and make everyone stop and swarm around you like honey bees? Maya Angelou was right about that being proof of a phenomenal woman in the midst. Why can’t we believe we can be that woman? Why are we so quick to target that “phenomenal-ness” onto the other woman you feel is better than you? You and I both know we make all the excuses in the world. It’s either “I’m too fat,” “I don’t have what they have” or “I’m not pretty enough” etc.......

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It's Ok To Be Unsure
September 28, 2015

It’s Ok To Be Unsure

I don’t think every successful person starts off being 100% sure of what they are doing. I am currently in my own personal state of “unsureness” about my direction in life. However, I am embracing that uncertainty and allowing it to help me in my process. I used to think that being unsure or confused about your next step or your current experience in life was negative. But I have realized that it is just a step on the way up (but that all depends on how you approach......

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Don't Wait To Love Yourself

Everyone has personal flaws that they want to change. I personally do not like my large thighs while someone else may be dissatisfied with their acne. I struggled for a long time with insecurities regarding my weight and my thighs. There are some days I still do feel insecure, however I only allow those moments to last about 60 seconds before I change that thought. Time waits for no one and we can go on and on trying to fix ourselves totally missing the point. Self improvement is great, but......

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August 14, 2015

Wear Your Confidence

Confidence was never something I always had. I grew up very introverted and quiet because I used to be very ashamed of how I looked. I was always the sweet big girl with the huge thighs and round face. Furthermore, my upbringing kept me very isolated until I went to college and truly began to find myself. I remember being so anal when I was little about matching. I even remember carrying little handbags for church and trying on my mother’s clothes and jewelry. My love for fashion started......

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