My Self Love Lessons

The One Lesson I Am Still Learning From My Mom

I know a woman who is filled with so much wisdom. Someone who has been through it all. The one constant person who has given me strength to face days that are difficult and celebrate times of success. She is not here to impress and can only be who she is without reservation. That magnificent person is my mother. Throughout my life she has taught me so much, but there is one lesson she still continues to drill into me. Trust that she tells me this all the time......

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Why You Should Give The Cold Shoulder

One of the most intimate times I have with myself is when I am dressing. Usually, my mind is running 100 miles per hour wondering; Do I look good in this?, Will someone think I look fat?, What is he or she going to think about this? The questions go on and on trying to determine my feelings and what I think other people are going to say. But honestly, why does what others think or say have to do with what I choose for myself? I am sometimes......

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What Have You Done For YOU Lately?

I can’t say how stressful this past week has been. I gave so much of my time and energy for others that I have totally neglected myself. This week I barely ate on time, kept my hair in order and putting absolutely put zero effort into my appearance lol. Stress has a way of taking over everything in your life. It upsets your balance, your stability and sets on you a dangerous path to exhaustion. Thank God for self awareness because when the end of the week came, I threw my......

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This Scared Me When I Looked In The Mirror

Have you ever tried to scare yourself? I’m not talking about watching that horror movie you’ve been dreading. It’s about taking risks and stepping outside the box created by you and even society. I remember not having the grandest closet every little girl had when I was growing up. Clothes was always an issue because of my weight. I had always dreamed of being fashion forward and I did as I got older within my means. However, one of the biggest things that kept me back was myself. Because......

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