Fall Look: Suede and Ivory Featuring Fashion Nova Curve

Every woman wants to look desirable in an effortless way. Even if it’s cold outside, layering with the right pieces to complement your tone and shape is so key! The shades and hues of nude from dark to light are always great for a classic look. A suede fabric offers the perfect comfort without being too bulky and heavy for us in “not so cold” temps.  No matter Fall, Spring or Summer these colors and fabrics provide the perfect palette to transform your wardrobe into prime versatility and comfort.......

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The One Accessory You Need Before 2017 Is Over

Accessories can truly make or break an outfit. Whether it’s statement jewelry, an intricate handbag or leather belt. The great thing about style is that you can create your own. With fashion being a never-ending cycle from century to century and back again, there are items in your closet right now that are relevant and ready to turn your outfit into a sleek stylish piece. So what is the hot accessory I titled this post after? Well it actually a belt. You may be thinking of all the reasons......

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How To Slay A Floral Bomber Jacket This Fall

We are finally in Fall! However, the weather has not really been cooperating. Living in Florida, humidity and heat can happen year round. While the northern US is gearing up with jackets and boots, Florida residents like myself are wistfully waiting for a chance to indulge. I do have several jackets in my closet that I am dying to pull out this month, but Mother Nature herself still has not given me the go! The bomber jacket trend has been a hot for a few years now. They offer......

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Budget Friendly Gold & Yellow Accents

Gold and yellow accents are bringing the glow! However, no one wants to break bank looking fabulous all the time.  Accessories in gold and yellow shades are a great way to bring out a darker wardrobe, especially as we are transitioning into the Fall season. Not everyone is ready to give up the bright and boldness of Spring and Summer colors, so this is a great alternative to embrace the transition. However, there is no need to spend excessive cash. You can still find ways to add to your......

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