Animal Instinct: Leopard prints

Animal prints have always been huge favorites. Some may see them as tacky but I feel these prints are fierce and give a look the drama it needs. I think the way you dress up your favorite animal prints matters. Depending on where you are going, you want to be able to adorn your outfit so that it looks chic and not obnoxious. Leopard prints in particular are one of my favorite prints. You can almost find this type of print in so many different color combinations. My favorites......

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Maxi Skirts: My Summer Remedy

I have a love and hate relationship with summer. I enjoy the sunny weather that allows me to dress down and comfortable. Chiffon tops, cotton tees and maxi dresses are all the definition of comfort during this time of year. I live in the sunny state (Florida) where summer seems to be present all year round, but my style changes with the season even when the weather may not totally match. When the month of July emerged, I took a peak in my closet and realized how limited my......

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Keeping It Real With Kimonos!

Every curvy girl has her days when she feels 10 times bigger than she really is. Blame it on that time of the month or indulging just a bit too much on that treat after lunch. When those days come you feel like you want to curl up and hide. However, who says you can’t stay fashionable yet conscious. This leads me to the perfect remedy, a kimono! Kimonos are just more than a Japanese garment. They have stormed the fashion world providing women a fresh breezy look covered......

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