Glitter Lip Gloss For The Grown Woman

I remember days when I was little and would beg my mother to buy those lip smacker glosses from the store as we were waiting in line at the cash register. Lip gloss was always something I loved, but once this matte lip movement took over current day I started to ditch my glosses (unless on my basic days running errands.) Now after so much time of matte lips, my lips took a beating and I had to tone it down. I started back using more lip gloss but......

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Fenty Beauty: A Makeup Line for the Everyday Woman

Beauty and makeup is a key part of personal style. Whether you are a woman who chooses to go foundation free or highlight every corner of her face, beauty is part of personal image. When pop star, Rihanna, decided to release a beauty line, everyone knew the world was about to stop. There are so many reasons why Rihanna’s beauty line is so coveted, besides the fact that she is a woman of color, Caribbean native and fashion icon. Fenty Beauty represents the everyday woman and embodies it’s website......

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Best Pink Lipstick Shades For Work and Play

I feel like every woman should have a pink lipstick shade. Red is a sure necessity, but pink is another  great color to add to your collection. You can wear a pink lipstick anywhere but I think it’s all about the shade you wear. A bubble gum pink isn’t the best choice for work, yet you can find shades and use tricks to make a pink lipstick work for you no matter your complexion. Finding pink shades that are “brown girl friendly” can be overwhelming, but it is all......

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5 Steps to Find the Right Skin Care Routine

Turning 30 last year was a huge awakening for me. Many things related to preserving my health and beauty that wasn’t as important to me suddenly became priority. One of this priorities is my skin. I was never big on skin care growing up. I thought it would be great forever and that Caribbean sun never did a thing. Sure I bought endless tubes of Clearasil and even did Proactiv for a good month or two. I even remember using the good old African Black Soap as well. My main......

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