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3 Ways to Work Your Black Blazer

A black blazer should be a staple in every woman’s closet. Blazers have the power to turn basic into classic and casual into sophisticated. A black blazer offers the perfect canvas to build an outfit because black goes with everything and looks good on everyone. Taken from the classic suit, a blazer in black becomes a foundation for color, form and style in the simplest yet amazing way.READ MORE

Spring Trend:
Bright Rainbow Stripes

While trends don’t last forever, there are some that deserve some attention. The rainbow trend has been a great introduction to Spring offering a variety of colors to lighten our moods and wardrobes from a dreary fall and winter. For some, this colorful trend may be bold and scary, but that is what fashion is about—taking risks and living in the moment. While you don’t have to wear all the colors of the rainbow, chose color combinations that work for your style and taste. A striped bright colored dress is an easy way to give in.READ MORE

Sheer Dusters:
A Solution to Staying Stylish for Dinner Dates

We are almost towards the end of March and Spring is here! The cooler nights are not yet over so having a cover up when you are going out at night can be helpful. Sheer dusters are your best solution for staying stylish and effortless. No matter if you go for a simple black duster, or a vibrant floral kimono, they are great for adding a hint of elegance and flare to your outfit. Also, they are usually pretty affordable and can be found at affordable retailers online and in store. They have been in trend for a while and I am all here for them staying as I see them being great evergreen pieces to keep in your wardrobe. You can style a duster in so many ways; from jeans and a tank top to a fitted maxi dress. I will show you how to make a ruched maxi dress gets transformed into elegance with a duster and the right accessories.READ MORE

An Easy Style Solution
For Your Next Lunch Date

Any lunch date or date during the daytime outdoors deserves the same amount of effort as any date night look. There are 3 items that you can absolutely use to show off your fun and flirty side while still looking fashionable. Here are the 3 wardrobe pieces to help you build the perfect lunch date outfit to complement the beautiful weather outside.


How To Look Irresistible For Your Next Date Night

Dating can be a nerve wrecking experience for women when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit. Sometimes it can be a challenge to choose an affordable outfit that fits and makes you feel the most attractive. If date night is a regular thing, having a variety of looks that compliment your body and most of all your style can be a task. I think the best thing is to always make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing. It is also important to strike a balance between looking sexy and not overdoing it. You can do all that and more if you stay true to yourself. I’ve got a few tips to compliment your style that I think will help you look like the most beautiful girl in the world (Prince already said you were 😉 )


3 Tips For Creating A Fashionable Sweatshirt Look

Sweatshirts have come a long way. Their common use for the gym and typical college style has evolved so much. With the emergence of the “sport luxe” also known as the “athleisure” trend, many common workout clothes are now trendy and worn in so many casual settings. The sweatshirt has been redesigned! They are now adorned and stylistically cut into new patterns, shapes and styles for everyone. For one thing, now your favorite sweatshirt, can be your new look for a lunch date or night out.