Matching My Smile To My Style

Matching My Smile To My Style

Coordination of an outfit is so important for my craft of styling. Everything has to go together from the colors, to the fabric and the accessory choices. However, even with all these elements, if the attitude and vibe of the person wearing the outfit doesn’t fit, then it just doesn’t work. I was always that person making an extra effort to look amazing but still internally felt insecure about the one thing everyone saw besides my outfit, my smile.

I’ve always hated dentists. It took me years and good health insurance to finally start going regularly. However, as much as I cleaned my teeth, they were just never straight or white enough. I struggled with this for a long time (and I’m still working through it). My hygienist had actually approached me about being interested in teeth whitening, but I was hesitant to spend more money to come back to the one place I truly hated.

Smile Brilliant saved the day! I was fortunate to receive a teeth whitening system that I could use in the comfort of my own home. No special lights or prodding, I could do this all by myself.

Check out my video below on the steps to this lifesaver.

Always remember to consult with your dentist as needed.

What I Loved…

Smile brilliant’s teeth whitening kit was easy to use on a nightly basis. I would basically have dinner (or my last snack of the night), and whiten while I was either reading, having late night chats with my sister or doing work on my laptop. It was never a process that got in the way. It was something I could do, while being engaged in another task, which made it even more amazing for a busy girl like myself!

What I Didn’t Care For (but it didn’t deter me)

I think the biggest challenge was getting my teeth mold right. I had to do it twice for it to be perfect because I was not following the directions. There is also the expectation that you do the process for 7-14 days to see good results. Weekdays was a breeze, but the weekends were difficult because I wasn’t always on a routine. All in all, my challenges were basically my lack of commitment and following directions for the most part.

How I Feel Now…

I feel absolutely amazing about the results! You can vividly see the difference and I feel that I can truly call my teeth the pearly whites now. My confidence and smile is now matching my style more than ever. A bold color to match my bold smile was all that it was about. I felt so great, I was compelled to do a mini photoshoot spreading my smile all over the room. This is the feeling I want for everyone! To experience the effect of what smiling brilliantly really means and feels like.

Beaded Dangling Earrings | Sparklebox Accessories 
Pink Off the Shoulder Dress | Torrid, other option  

If you ever felt like this was one of your insecurities, I am giving you the opportunity in collaboration with Smile Brilliant to win your very own whitening system!

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Photography by D Media District

This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All opinions and media are my own. 


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