Timeless Vintage Style featuring JORD Watches

Timeless Vintage Style featuring JORD Watches

Fall is almost here and with the change of season comes a chance to add new items to add variety into your wardrobe. I love being able to make simple changes that have a big impact on my style. Switching from tank tops to sweaters is standard but have you considered trying a new accessory piece instead? 

I love accessories and they are sometimes the favorite parts of my outfit. Accessories provide the finishing touch to my style. There is nothing like having a unique piece that no one else does to stand out. Adding a vintage look always tones down the intensity of summer to a more elegant and organic feel.  JORD Watches offer that easy choice for your next Fall accessory. I am so in love with my choice of the Cassia Walnut and Vintage Rose Women’s watch because it brings the best charm to my love of gold and rosy tones.

Keeping any style down to earth is easy with a great accessory like a unique wooden JORD watch. Here are some other tips as you help your outfits transition to Fall and perfectly compliment that earthy vintage feel.

Use warm earthy tones

Warmer tones of your colors help you embrace the Fall easily. I love marigold and mustard yellows paired with browns, deep purples and olive greens to still keep a hint of summer alive as you transition. 

Choose easy and effortless clothing pieces for your look

When you are keeping your style down to earth, “over the top” items are too much and take away from having a refined and easy look. Kimonos and dusters are great to give that ease. Also, jumpsuits and rompers in bold warm prints or florals can be the perfect foundation for earthy, unique accessories.

Jumpsuit – Charlotte Russe | Belt – (old) Walmart | Necklace/Ring – Paparazzi Accessories         | Earrings – Local Beauty Depot, other options HERE | Watch – JORD Watches

Accessorize with gold accents and wooden jewelry 

This is where your JORD watch brings all the elements together. Your outfit goes from simple to an earthy elegance. I paired some gold jewelry to play off the gold details of the watch to tie everything together. Some wooden earrings I had in my jewelry collection finished off the look.

JORD watches completely surprised me with the array of beautiful quality pieces. Not to mention they come in this gorgeous wooden box along with everything you need to keep your watch looking amazing, season after season. With the holidays around the corner, they are great choices of gifts for the amazing men in your life, to the women you feel could use a JORD watch to compliment her lifestyle. You can even make it more special by engraving for you or your loved one.

I hope you are inspired to take a journey into the world of wooden watches with JORD because an accessory piece that is authentic, unique and elegant deserves to be on your wrist helping you to travel through time.

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This post was sponsored by JORD watches. I received this product complimentary. All opinions are my own.

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