Glitter Lip Gloss For The Grown Woman

Glitter Lip Gloss For The Grown Woman

I remember days when I was little and would beg my mother to buy those lip smacker glosses from the store as we were waiting in line at the cash register. Lip gloss was always something I loved, but once this matte lip movement took over current day I started to ditch my glosses (unless on my basic days running errands.) Now after so much time of matte lips, my lips took a beating and I had to tone it down. I started back using more lip gloss but struggling to find the one I loved! Well then Fenty Beauty emerges and not only providing me my ultimate favorite gloss – Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer. Now the brand released a holiday limited edition collection with glitter lip glosses. This is not for the faint, but for those who are all for that glow.

Naturally seeing those glittery lip glosses brought me back to my little girl days, but then again I thought if it was toooo much for a grown woman like myself. I am very selective about my style and what I wear. I like to look my age and keep things within reason. The glitter was literally in every single drop of these lip glosses. Swatching them in the store I thought, “nah, I can’t wear this!” However, I told myself that it was truly all about how I wore them, the colors I chose and the environment I was going to.

This is how this grown woman rocked glitter lip gloss:

  • Consider the occasion or environment you may wear a lip gloss. If you can’t think of a place where it would be appropriate in your current lifestyle then don’t buy them.
  • Whenever doing glitter gloss, keep your outfit minimal. Black is always great and looks classy when doing a bold makeup look.
  • Choose a practical shade but don’t forget to live a little and pick a fun color too! You can always use this “fun” color for those nights on the town with your girls or date night.

Practical Color: Fenty Beauty Cosmic Lip Glitter in Astronaughty 

Where to Wear It? Dinner dates, Evening weddings,  Casual Get-togethers

Fun Color: Fenty Beauty Cosmic Lip Glitter in Plutonic Relationship

Where To Rock It? Party events, Girl’s Night Out, Concerts


Get these gorgeous Cosmic Lip Glosses at Sephora or Fenty Beauty!


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  1. I’m a gloss lover and I keep my Maybelline Baby Lips on my desk and in my purse at all times for that occasional touch up. I’ve yet to try Fenty yet but it’s on my list. ‪#BLMGirl‬

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