Hoop Dreams

Hoop Dreams

Hoop earrings have been classic accessories in my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. From my high school days to my adult years, they are the type of earring that I wear with literally anything. There have been so much diversity in hoop earrings through the years. With the 90’s trend still prominent, hoops are minimal jewelry pieces that can be worn to fit your preference and style. Newer styles go beyond the standard circle form and give you ovals shapes and interlocking pieces that make such a fashion statement. These unique variations add another element of style to any simple outfit. Challenge yourself and go for your hoop dreams!

Hoop Style #1 | Target

Hoop Style #2 | Forever 21

Hoop Style #3 | Target

Hoop Earrings You Know You Want! (Under  $20)


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