The One Lesson I Am Still Learning From My Mom

The One Lesson I Am Still Learning From My Mom

I know a woman who is filled with so much wisdom. Someone who has been through it all. The one constant person who has given me strength to face days that are difficult and celebrate times of success. She is not here to impress and can only be who she is without reservation. That magnificent person is my mother. Throughout my life she has taught me so much, but there is one lesson she still continues to drill into me. Trust that she tells me this all the time in her thick Trini accent.

Be brave and don’t care about what anyone else thinks.

I can say that as an adult I still haven’t mastered this the way my mother has. She comes and goes and does as she pleases. Wears what she want (even when I try to make her re-think her outfit) and certainly speaks what is on her mind. I always dream to be that woman who let’s nothing stand in their way. I admire her strength and perseverance with raising me and dealing with my whining and complaining. She is the rock God sent for me to hold onto when I’ve lost hope and need a wake up call.

In many ways, I have certainly defied my odds but there is always that fearful, timid part of me that my mom sees. She knows exactly when and what to say when I am being a “scaredy cat” and shying away from my potential because of my pessimism. Any mother, especially hailing from the Caribbean will call you out quickly and you better not discredit her. So while I could dwell on all the things my mom has taught me, I choose to reflect on the free and priceless “masterclass” I am still in with my mother.  Truly we all are always learning and growing and just because we think we are “adults” doesn’t mean our mamas can’t still teach us a lesson like the 5 year olds we once were.


Remember to be thankful for all the lessons from our mothers

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  1. Well writren article with powerful words about Mom’s on the eve of mothers day

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