3 Lessons Adele’s 25 Album Taught Me

3 Lessons Adele's 25 Album Taught Me

Adele dropped her album a few weeks ago and I felt like the world stopped. Naturally, I was blown away by her amazing voice and heartfelt ballads, but after I shed a few tears, I took some time to truly think about what this album meant to me, and how it reflected on the many phases of life and love. These are the 3 life lessons, Adele’s 25 album taught the 30 year old me.


1. Reminiscing is a subtle reminder to appreciate life now.

I felt like a huge theme of Adele’s album was reflection of the past and how it can sometimes re-emerge in our present and affect our future. Ideally, I think Adele’s reflection on life and love was more than just about crying it out, but being aware of past emotions, loves, hurts and dealing with it. I think everyday that I get older especially since I’m now in my 30s, I ponder on how my life used to be and how much it has changed. I used to feel that I was the only one who felt like this but I realized that feeling of “I miss how it used to be” is more normal than I think. However, that reminiscing of my younger life also made me appreciate all the great things I have now because of the cycles of change . I’ve grown, overcome and let go of many things that was a source of pain in my life. Adele reminded me of those pains, but I thanked God that I am now the woman I have become without needing any validation from anyone else.


2. Face your truth and own your emotions.

There are many things that we know about our lives. It may have been about past romantic relationships, failed dreams or unresolved situations. Adele’s words made me come to terms with so many feelings I was running away from. All of the things that I had been telling myself but too afraid to admit out loud. It somehow allows your soul to purge and finally deal with those issues. Now you can begin to say every apology, discover every epiphany and resolve those issues yourself without needing to say anything to anyone. It’s your own therapeutic session in your head. You are on this leather couch and Adele’s 25 is playing in the background and your soul just bares it all.


3. Don’t wait to live your life.

In Adele’s song, “A Million Years”, she speaks about a life she used to have and how getting older has become different and not like it used to be. I remember being younger and always looking forward optimistically on all the things I would do with my life. Then all of a sudden you reach post 25 and head to 30 and you analyze everything you’ve become and have done is nothing compared to what you have dreamed of. I can totally relate to that feeling. I had it all planned out in my head — marriage, kids, dream career. However, my journey has not come to that stop yet and even though I’m still working towards that dream, I can’t sit at home and mope around. I have to get up and live! I have to keep dreaming. I can’t give up on fighting for the life I want to have. Living is dreaming and dreaming is living, isn’t it?


The thing about music is that you can get so much interpretations from it. You can go through a whirl wind of different emotions and it can bring you to so many places in your mind that you’ve ignored.

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What are your thoughts and reflections after listening to Adele’s 25 album? F_icon.svg

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  1. I need to get her album. Music…good music, always makes you feel something!

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