Why You Should Give The Cold Shoulder

Why You Should Give The Cold Shoulder

One of the most intimate times I have with myself is when I am dressing. Usually, my mind is running 100 miles per hour wondering; Do I look good in this?, Will someone think I look fat?, What is he or she going to think about this? The questions go on and on trying to determine my feelings and what I think other people are going to say. But honestly, why does what others think or say have to do with what I choose for myself? I am sometimes guilty of giving the power of my choices and freedoms to the people that truly have little to no regard for me. This habit of giving others power is not only about deciding what to wear, but it can truly be something you realize about the way you make decisions in your life. The real question you and I both need to be asking ourselves in that moment is,

Why do I give up my choice and how can I fix it?


My latest solution to this “what people think” issue was inspired by a current style trend, the cold shoulder. It is so funny how a style can show your attitude and inspire a new way of thinking! This cold should taught me to be unbothered and ignore the forces against my own style and ultimately my own decisions. It’s about ignoring society, people who don’t clap for you and that other doubtful side of yourself. I realized that I was wasting too much energy and time thinking of all the ways that I didn’t fit into someone else’s mold. I learned to not be hard on myself and to take back the power I used to have. If you feel like you’ve never had that power before, create it! It truly all begins with you doing what you feel, wearing what you want and not second guessing any of it.


Today my style reflects my attitude about owning my choices. This cold shoulder is bold and totally unbothered about the opposition and doubt that lies ahead.


What is one thing you second guess yourself about because of others’ opinions?

      Outfit Details:

Lattice Shoulder Sweatshirt | Torrid

Curvy Skinny Jeans | Torrid

Boots | Wet Seal

Earrings | Forever21 (old)


Thanks for reading 🙂

Photocred: Priscilla Dickson, D Media District


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  1. Cute top! Over the years I’ve learned to love me so at this time in my life I’m not second guessing anything. Let us ALL praise Jesus! #BLMGIRL

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