3 Easy Style Steps For Your Next Color Themed Event!

3 Easy Style Steps For Your Next Color Themed Event!

Everyone has gone to an event where it is requested that you show up in a desired color. Remember those “all white” parties or wearing your school colors at a pep rally. Color themes can either work or fail, especially if it’s a color I’m don’t care too much for. Recently, I attended a event with a purple theme. Purple is one of those colors that I barely wear and not really drawn to often. Naturally, I had absolutely nothing purple in my closet! Instead of panicking I turned on my problem solving skills and came up with this quick and easy solution in 3 steps.

Step 1: Shop realistically

Typically I would shop at one of my favorite stores, Torrid, but I thought about it and said to myself ,”Do I really want to spend $30-50 on a shirt I may only wear once?” Nope! So here is what I learned in my shopping trip.

Shop at a lower end store or on the clearance rack. I found this awesome top from my local Ross and it only costed me $17, which isn’t bad for the detail and super soft material!


Step 2: Style cleverly within your comfort level

I know that purple is truly not a color I am going all out for. I chose a dark shade that I felt worked well with me and the Fall season. I decided on a shirt rather than a dress because I knew I would pair it with some dark denim jeans and look classy enough. I added my favorite leopard print bag because that seems to be my signature along with gold jewelry to compliment the color I’m wearing.

If it’s not your favorite color, don’t let it overpower your look. Denim works great to break things up and still make your outfit come together. The best part is you can go casual, or classy by just choosing the right shade of denim. Use darker washes for events you want to dress up for.


Step 3: Take a makeup risk that works for you

Now makeup is something I am not a pro at, but I do learn more and more everyday. I watch a ton of YouTube videos and talk to enough beauty store associates to learn a few things. 😀 Since it was a day event, I went with a darker eye and used my favorite nude lipstick “Modesty” with a NYX Vamp lip pencil to line my lips. I got this awesome subtle lilac shade on my lips and that was just enough for me. I loved trying something new and coming up with a lip look that works for me.

When wearing a color you don’t wear much, test the waters with new shades in your makeup to do something new. You never know if the combination you use could be a great compliment to that colored theme event. You could bring something different from anyone else in the room.;-)


Outfit Details:

Shop some of the items from this look!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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Photocred: Priscilla Dickson, D Media District


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