This Scared Me When I Looked In The Mirror

This Scared Me When I Looked In The Mirror

Have you ever tried to scare yourself? I’m not talking about watching that horror movie you’ve been dreading. It’s about taking risks and stepping outside the box created by you and even society.

I remember not having the grandest closet every little girl had when I was growing up. Clothes was always an issue because of my weight. I had always dreamed of being fashion forward and I did as I got older within my means. However, one of the biggest things that kept me back was myself. Because I was a big girl, society taught me that I wasn’t allowed to wear that tight dress or the cropped tops. I had to cover it all up, tame it all down, look modest and not draw attention to myself. I was still was so insecure and held back by what others expected me to be.

As I got older and moved from the Caribbean to the states to attend college, I embraced freedom. I got an eye open view of all the things I’ve been dreaming. However, that simple, stylistically starved little girl still lived in me. Thankfully, the experience of being confident in my own skin and being surrounded by such diversity and free spirits, I began to look outside the box and try new things. It all started with halter tops in college! Eventually my  style changed and evolved, still holding true to that little girl, but with a twist.

What I truly want to say is wear, do, be something you’ve always been afraid of. Imagine what you can discover about yourself and truly grow closer to that amazing person you were destined to be when you take that risk. For me, style and fashion was my way but whatever your journey, taking a risk can open you up to so many possibilities.

I scared myself by challenging my insecurities….

Insecurity #1–Big Lips, Shyness

I have been wearing more lipstick over lip gloss to be bold. Now I have more self-encouragement to light up my smile!

scared1 scared2 scared3

Insecurity #2–Big Hips and Thighs

I switched out regular bootcut jeans to skinny jeans to feel curvy and confident!


Insecurity #3–Fear of Looking Bigger

I would always wear darker colors to avoid looking larger, but now I appreciate what bright vibrant colors do for me. Now I don’t mind standing out!


I have learned that the more you scare yourself and try new things–the more comfortable and confident you become in your own skin.


What will you do this week to scare yourself in the mirror? Chat with me on  F_icon.svg

Stay tuned this week for another style scare tactic!

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  1. Great advice! I’m going to challenge myself too. I too gravitate toward darker clothes and certain cuts b/c of my size, and I want to change that.

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