What’s Wrong with Being Confident?

What's Wrong with Being Confident?

Do you walk into the room and make everyone stop and swarm around you like honey bees? Maya Angelou was right about that being proof of a phenomenal woman in the midst. Why can’t we believe we can be that woman? Why are we so quick to target that “phenomenal-ness” onto the other woman you feel is better than you? You and I both know we make all the excuses in the world. It’s either “I’m too fat,” “I don’t have what they have” or “I’m not pretty enough” etc.  We can truly exhaust ourselves thinking of all the ways we are not fit to have that confidence. However, I’m tired of that and I deserve to be confident. We all do. We are all phenomenal!

Confidence should be second nature. We shouldn’t be making ourselves feel small to be in another person’s shadows. We are so quick to put other people on pedestal while we belittle ourselves. Self confidence should be fluid, innate and part of our existence. Unfortunately, we have allowed fear and comparison to others to devalue our self worth. Today is the day to raise your stock value and bid on yourself!


We have to learn that there is nothing wrong with being confident, strong, sexy and powerful.

Mantras and music have helped me in those moments when my self esteem has fallen to an all time low. There is nothing more motivating than your favorite confidence anthem. Beyonce songs tend to have that effect or even that new song by Demi Lovato–Confident. If you didn’t notice already when you read my title, well I really love it haha. My overall message is not that you must feel confident 365 days of the year and during the 24 hours of every day, but you should definitely work towards that goal because you are already amazing in your own way :-).

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So on those days when you feel like the smallest one in the room or incapable of feeling good enough. Dig deep and find that confidence. No matter the burden, shade, criticism or disappointment, rise and shine!



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  1. Thanks, I really needed to read this! I definitely hold back and stay in the shadows when it comes to being confident. It seems like something other people are supposed to have, not me! Here’s to being confident 24/7, 365! #BLMGirl

  2. Yes! I believe every girl needs a theme song. Sometimes mine is Golden by Jill Scott and other times it’s BBHMM by Rihanna. Both help me walk into the room and SLAY #BLMGirl

  3. I am a FIRM believer in music to inspire and motivate! I’ve never heard that Demi Lovato song, but I’m loving it’s message!!!! #BLMGirl

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